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  • UHT Milk Machine Uses Extended Milk Shelf Life

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    Milk processing is the main process for the dairy industry to drive business growth. There are many processes in dairy products that are very useful and help the Milk Processing Plant to process better. These processes require efficient modern milk processing equipment that is beneficial to the dairy industry and helps increase milk production. The following are several different processes performed by dairy equipment that are critical to large-scale production.
    Milk production process
    The milk production process is important for dairy products. Milk is collected from the dairy farmers and transported to the dairy for milk processing to collect the milk market and other dairy products such as butter, cheese, butter, casein, and yogurt.
    Milk processing device
    Farmers continue to produce milk in the dairy. The milk is then transported by truck to the tank and taken to different dairy and milk processing plants. Milk is pumped from the tank to the milk processing unit where the milk is separated and tested. In the milk processing unit, milk is considered and tested, the air is removed, and the milk is cooled prior to further milk processing and storage.
    Milk storage device
    The milk is stored in milk cans or pumps that go directly from the milk processing unit to the milk processing line. It will be stored in silos along different stages of the production line, and these intermediate treatment tanks will automatically enter the process line.
    Milk sterilization
    Milk processing sterilization to reduce bacteria is well known for sterilization. It depends on the amount and type of bacteria and the shelf life of the dairy product that you want to obtain. In addition to pasteurization, the current milk company is also the choice of the UHT Milk Machine. Compared with the former, this technology can kill the bacteria in the product more effectively, and it is more safe and more conducive to transportation. And storage.