Maintenance of Drive Chain by Driving Chain Manufacturer CoinCrowd

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  • Posted On: Jul 17, 2019
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  • Description: Maintenance: 1. After installation, the Driving chain manufacturer(GETECHAIN) needs to check whether the drive chain is shaking, whether the driving seat is normal, whether there is abnormal sound in the elbow and the lifting part, and if so, it should eliminate the abnormality in time. 2. After the normal operation of the wire body, inject liquid high-temperature lubricating oil into the oiling machine or cup at points where the transmission chain is vulnerable to friction, such as solid high-temperature grease. 3. Regularly check the running and lubricating conditions of the transmission chain. When using inferior lubricating oil, residue blocks the transmission chain and powder enters the transmission chain, it should be cleaned in time. 4. Elbow, lifting wear should be replaced in time. Attention to use: 1. Grasp the actual temperature of the oven and do not allow the transmission chain to run for a long time beyond the normal use temperature. 2. The transmission chain cannot be operated in a twisted environment. 3. Complex operation environment and less turning radius can damage and deform the transmission chain, and the lifting and lowering will wear out quickly. The design shall consider the rationality of its operation. Click agricultural chain to learn about more information.